Touch Signs for Blind and Deaf Dogs

If the pup has some vision, you can use some sign language also. Below are some touch signs I use with Toes and Marco; you can add more and make up your own. Remember it is important to be consistent with the signals. You’ll find they learn very quickly! 
  • PAY ATTENTION…..Touch on shoulder or back
  • TURN RIGHT OR LEFT…..Touch right or left shoulder
  • COME FORWARD…..One finger rub forward under chin
  • GOOD BOY/GIRL…..Thumbs up sign pressed on side of face
  • SIT…..Touch rear end above tail
  • LIE DOWN…..Touch between shoulder blades
  • GET DOWN OR OFF…..Hand flat on top of head
  • QUIT DOING THAT…..One finger across top of nose a few times
  • STAY…..Hand flat on chest
  • STOP…..Hand flat on nose


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