Training and Education

Over the years of working with these special needs babies, we have learned a lot about some of their needs and training methods. Because we would like everyone to benefit from our experiences, we have put together this site to help people decide on choosing a lethal for their home. We also hope this will benefit all owners of special needs pups, be they a new or long-time owner.


We have put together some information below for you that we hope will help you and your special needs pup learn together. You’ll find some links that will provide some more in-depth answers on merle-to-merle breeding. There are also a few books that you might find helpful, and some great lists to join to share your experiences with others!


We have been asked many questions about these pups, so we have compiled a few of the more common ones on this page. Click on the link to go to the FAQ’s page

Hand Signs for Deaf Dogs

You can use some of the basic obedience signs for deaf dogs, as are used for hearing dogs. Click on the link to go to the Hand Signs page.

Touch Signals for Blind and Deaf Dogs

You will have to use touch signals to train a deaf and blind pup. Click on the link to go to the Touch Signals page.

Areas of Interest

Because there are many other resources we suggest checking out some of the links below. You will find them helpful in providing other areas of support and further questions you may have.

      • Eye Care for Animals     Find out the locations of Eye Clincs in the Phoenix area. They also have several locations out of state, and a link page to find a certified ophthalmologist in your area. You can also find a page which describes various types of eye problems.
      • Doggles    We recommend you get a pair of these for your pup to protect their eyes from the intense Arizona sun.
      • Companion Animal Care    A great site with lots of holistic alternatives. This site has a Yahoo group which you can join to find out more alternative medicine suggestions.
      • DeafDogs   A wonderful site for deaf dog owners! This site has tons of good information and links, as well as a page of deaf dogs of all breeds available for adoption!
      • Blind Dogs   Another wonderful page for owners of blind dogs with lots of good links and information. There is a also a Blind Dogs Yahoo group you can join from here!


      • “Living with a Deaf Dog” by Susan Cope Becker,    ISBN: 0966005805
      • “Hear, Hear A Guide to Training a Deaf Puppy” by Barry Eaton,    ISBN: 095330390X
      • “Living with Blind Dogs” by Caroline D. Levin, R.N.,    ISBN: 0967225345

A good place to order books from is Dogwise which has tons of great doggy books!